Enjoy a warm Welcome at Bay Tree Cottage!
A selection of B&B and self-catering accommodation in the heart of rural south Northants. Accommodation is located in the centre of Farthingstone village at Bay Tree Cottage & Littlecourt Yard.

Bay Tree Cottage

Littlecourt Yard

Delightful B&B accommodation in two self-contained cottages, Crockery Cottage & The Bottle Top, plus Bakers Den, a studio in our new development.

A fabulous new development with 2 self-catering units, Weavers Retreat & The Foragers, plus Bakers Den, a B&B studio apartment.

The Grooms Flat & Stable Cottage: Unique self-catering accommodation in an amazing Grade 2 listed property. Perfect for groups.

Summary of Accommodation Available

Accommodation Unit Name Location No of Bedrooms Sleeps (max.)
B & B Crockery Cottage Bay Tree Cottage 1 (+ sofa bed) 4
The Bottle Top Bay Tree Cottage 1 (+ sofa bed) 4
The Bakers Bay Tree Cottage 1 2
Self-Catering The Weavers Bay Tree Cottage 2 (+ sofa bed) 6
The Foragers Bay Tree Cottage 3 6
Grooms Flat Littlecourt Yard 3 (+ sofa bed) 8
Stables Cottage Littlecourt Yard 2 (+ sofa bed) 6

Location of our Properties

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